​Maryland Commission on Climate Change Members

Governor Appointed and Standing Members
Secretary Ben Grumbles (Chair)Maryland Department of the Environment
Nancy K. KoppMaryland State Treasurer
Karen SalmonSuperintendent of Maryland Schools
Secretaty Joseph BartenfelderMaryland Department of Agriculture
Secretary Ellington ChurchillMaryland Department of General Services
Secretary Mark BeltonMaryland Department of Natural Resources
Secretary Pete RahnMaryland Department of Transportation
Secretary Robert McCordMaryland Department of Planning
Mary Beth TungMaryland Energy Administration
Peter GoodwinUniversity of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
Chuck FryAgriculture Community Representative
Charles C. DeeganCritical Area Commission
Dr. Russ DickersonClimate Change Expert
Dr. Jane KirschlingPublic Health Expert
House Speaker Appointed Members
Delegate Dana SteinGeneral Assembly of Maryland
Mike TidwellEnvironmental Nonprofit Representative
Anne LindnerBusiness Community Representative
C. Richard D'AmatoPhilanthropic Organization Representative
Larry KasecampOrganized Labor Representative
Local Government Appointed Members
Commissioner Michael BibbMaryland Municipal League
Councilwoman Deni TaverasMaryland Association of Counties
Senate President Appointed Members
Senator Paul G. PinskyGeneral Assembly of Maryland
Stuart ClarkePhilanthropic Organization Representative
Lori ArguellesEnvironmental Nonprofit Representative
Jim StrongOrganized Labor Representative
Michael PowellBusiness Community Representative