Notifying MDE of Reciprocity Requests

Notifying MDE of Reciprocity Requests

After you have received your reciprocal license, you may perform work in Maryland in accordance with your license and the requirements of the approval letter you receive from the Department.

The Department must be notified of all work in Maryland 3 days in advance. When notifying RHP of each new work request, please fill out a Reciprocity Notification Form. This form should be sent to the Department via e-mail to the address given in your reciprocal license approval letter.

If there are changes to your original notification, you must e-mail the Department at the same e-mail address describing the changes, whether it be dates of work, person to contact, etc.

A new Reciprocity Notification Form must be submitted for every new job in Maryland.


Contact Information

For further information about reciprocity work notifications, please contact Mr. Jim Lewis at 410-537-3300.