Maryland Lead Contractors and Inspectors

According to Maryland Regulations all persons performing lead paint abatement and inspection activities must be trained by a Maryland Department of the Environment (the Department) accredited/licensed training provider and apply for and receive accreditation/licensing from the Department to perform these lead paint activities. The only categories that are not required to apply for and receive accr​editation from the State are Abatement Workers, Structural Steel Workers, and Project Designers.​

Important Notices 

Compliance Process

Form 330, Lead Paint Risk Reduction Inspection Certificate, Instructions and Attachment Forms

  • Form 330, Instructions 
    • An accredited Inspection Contractor who has NOT had Form 330s issued to them in the past may call 410-537-3825 to request a package to be issued.
    • An accredited Inspection Contractor who would like additional Form 330s issued to them must complete and submit Form H .
    • Inspection Contractors are responsible for keeping records of all Form 330s assigned to them.
    • Only request Form 330s if you are planning on using some with in the next six months.

Supplemental Instructions and Forms

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Contact Information

MDE Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
410-537-3825 or 1-800-633-6101, Ext. 3825​​​