Outreach and Education

The Maryland Department of Environment, Land Management Administration, Mining Program has made it a mission to participate in outreach and educational programs throughout the State. Although primarily viewed as a program tasked with regulating, enforcement, and reclamation, this program participates in many educational activities to increase public participation and awareness of environmental issues. These activities vary from supporting the local watershed groups to hosting an Arbor Day tree planting event each year, working with everyone from local citizens and schools, conservation groups and the mining industry.  

Arbor Day, April 2012

Arbor Day, Allegany County, April 2013

Arbor Day Articles 


Educational Programs

For more information contact: Molly Michaelson at Molly.Michaelson@maryland.gov , MDE, Mining Program, MOG, 1800 Washington Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21230, 410-537-3568​​