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New Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest Form – Effective September 5, 2006

What’s happening? 


Since new regulations went into effect on September 5, 2006, generators of hazardous waste are required to use a new uniform hazardous waste manifest form developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  All previous versions of the hazardous waste manifest are obsolete.  The use of an obsolete manifest form is a violation of State and federal hazardous waste management regulations.

What’s different? 

Highlights of the change include:

  • Use of a single, standard form nationwide.
  • Deletion of some previously required fields from the form, and addition of other required fields.
  • Availability of manifest forms from any printer registered with EPA as an approved manifest printer (a list of approved registered printers is available on EPA’s website.)
  • Generators no longer have to provide MDE with a copy of the completed manifest form.  (The destination facility still has to send a copy of the manifest to MDE.)
  • Generators have additional time to receive a copy of the manifest before having to make inquiries about the shipment or filing a discrepancy report with MDE.
  • Addition of specific instructions concerning the manifesting of rejected loads of hazardous waste.

Where can I get the new forms?

See EPA’s website of approved registered printers  for a list of manifest providers.  Your hazardous waste contractor may also be able to provide the manifest form.  MDE is not currently planning to become a registered printer of manifests.

Who does this change affect?

Generators of hazardous waste, transporters of hazardous waste, and operators of hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities.

For more information, see “Answers to Frequently Asked Questions”.  If you have additional questions, contact Edward Hammerberg at 410-537-3356 or by email at

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