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Recycling County Coordinator Resources


Electronic Collection and Recycling Grant Program

No electronic recycling grants are currently being offered.

County Coordinator MRA Reporting Forms

Maryland Recycling Act (MRA) Tonnage Reporting Survey Guidelines 

Maryland Recycling Act (MRA) Tonnage Reporting Survey (pdf) (xls)

Maryland Permitted Solid Waste Acceptance Facilities (pdf)

Note:  MDE collects and reports in the annual MRA Tonnage Reporting Surveys the amount of waste disposed at Maryland Permitted Solid Waste Acceptance Facilities.  Counties still need to report the waste recycled at the permitted acceptance facilities along with the waste disposed at solid waste acceptance facilities that are not permitted in Maryland.  Counties should print a copy of the permitted acceptance facilities for their use.

Permitted solid waste acceptance facilities with the same contact information are listed under a single County.  For example, in Calvert County (page 2) Appeal MSW Landfill, Calvert County Transfer Station, and Barstow Sanitary Landfill (Closed) are listed under the same contact information.  In this example, information needs to be reported from the 2 active facilities.

Business Recycling Reporting Survey (pdf).  In order to assist Counties in gathering accurate recycling totals, MDE has developed the Business Recycling Reporting Survey.  This form is NOT INTENDED for PROCESSORS of RECYCLABLES, but for commercial businesses located in a jurisdiction that may recycle their waste. e.g., retail stores, service businesses, manufacturing, etc.

Businesses' waste disposed totals must be collected, by a County Recycling Coordinator, for all businesses that have their recycling totals reported in the County's Annual MRA Tonnage Reporting Survey.  Use of this survey ensures that business information needed by MDE to approve a County's annual recycling totals are collected.  In order to complete the survey County Recycling Coordinators will need a copy of Maryland Permitted Solid Waste Acceptance Facilities.

Note:  If a County wishes to report a business's recycling totals, the County needs to make sure that a business's waste disposed totals are also reported.  If a County can not verify the waste disposed totals for a business, then the recycling totals from that business will not be accepted for inclusion in the County's annual recycling totals reported to MDE via the MRA Tonnage Reporting Survey.

County Recycling Coordinators are not required to use the Business Recycling Reporting Survey.  However, use of the survey ensures all business information needed is collected.

Business Waste Disposed Estimation Worksheet (.pdf)

Source Reduction Reporting Overview (pdf) 

Source Reduction Checklist (pdf)

Processor MRA Reporting Forms

Processor Mailing List - 2014 (pdf)

Maryland Recycling Act (MRA) Tonnage Report Form Guidelines for Processors (pdf)

Maryland Recycling Act (MRA) Tonnage Report Form for Processors (pdf)

Maryland ZIP Codes (pdf)

County Recycling Coordinators contact information (pdf)

Pay As You Throw Programs

Information on EPA's Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) program.



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