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Maryland State Government Maryland Department of the Environment

Marcellus Shale Safe Drilling Initiative Study Part II
Best Practices (Draft for Public Comment)

Main Report

Report Cover
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Section I - Organization of the Report
Section II - Overview
Section III - Comprehensive Gas Development Plans
Section IV - Location Restrictions and Setbacks
Section V - Plan for Each Well
Section VI - Engineering, Design and Environmental Controls and Standards
Section VII - Monitoring, Recordkeeping and Reporting
Section VIII - Miscellaneous Recommendations
Section IX - Modifications to Permitting Procedures
Section X Implementing the Recommendations
Appendix A - Members of the Commission
Appendix B - Comments of the Advisory Commission
Appendix C - Response to Public Comments
Appendix D - Marcellus Shale Constraint Analysis
Appendix E - Marcellus Shale and Recreational and Aesthetic Resources in Western Maryland
Appendix F - UMCES-AL Report and Cross References
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Comment Period Extended to September 10, 2013

We have extended the comment period by 30 days to September 10, 2013.

Draft Report on Best Practices PowerPoint Presentation

No decision has been made about whether hydraulic fracturing should be allowed in Maryland. MDE is proceeding methodically and cautiously to develop stringent regulations that will protect public health and safety, natural resources and the environment in the event hydraulic fracturing is allowed. The draft Best Practices report has been widely recognized as setting an extremely high bar for industry and for being tougher than standards in any other state.

We encourage everyone to read and carefully consider the draft report. Any comments you submit will be considered, and the final report will include a response to those comments. Comments may be submitted to or by mail to: Brigid E. Kenney, Senior Policy Advisor, Maryland Department of the Environment, 1800 Washington Blvd., Baltimore, MD 21230.

Comments must be received by September 10, 2013.

Comments Received

We received more than 4,000 comments on the draft Marcellus Shale Best Practices report. Because this volume is difficult to manage, we've organized the substantive comments into 26 categories, combining and paraphrasing similar comments. you can read the summary here

Partial response to comments

The Departments have completed some of the responses to comments on the draft Best Practices Report. Additional responses will be included as an Appendix to the final Best Practices Report.