Maryland Climate Change Commission: Adaptation Response Working Group

Mark BeltonSecretary, Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Catherine McCallMaryland Department of Natural Resources
MCCC Liaison
C. Richard D'AmatoRetired Attorney
State Senate Member
James C. RosapepeMaryland Senate
Public Sector Representatives
Fredrika MoserMaryland Sea Grant
Brian AmbretteEastern Shore Land Conservancy
Eric MyersConservation Fund
State-Agency Adaptation Sector Leads
Gary SetzerMaryland Department of the EnvironmentWater Resources
Don Van HassentMaryland Department of Natural ResourcesForest and Terrestrial
Mark JamesMaryland Emergency Management AdministrationEmergency Management
Bruce MichaelMaryland Department of Natural ResourcesBay and Aquatic
Clifford MitchellMaryland Department of Health and Mental HygieneHealth
Jason DubowMaryland Department of PlanningGrowth and Infrastructure
Sandy HertzMaryland Department of TransportationGrowth and Infrastructure
Susan PayneMaryland Department of AgricultureAgriculture
Catherine McCallMaryland Department of Natural ResourcesCoastal Hazards
Technical Advisors
Katherine CharbonneauCritical Area Commission
Scott ZarcharkoMaryland Department of the Environment
Chris BecraftMaryland Department of Natural Resources
Lisa LoweMaryland Department of Information Technology
Nell ZiehlMaryland Department of Planning - Maryland Historical Trust
Sasha LandMaryland Department of Natural Resources
Kevin WagnerMaryland Department of the Environment
Shawn KiernanMaryland Port Administration
Fiona BurnsMaryland Department of Budget and Management
VacantLocal Governments
Megan GranatoMaryland Department of Natural Resources
Elizabeth HabicMaryland State Highway Administration
Joy HatchetteMaryland Insurance Administration
Matthew FlemingMaryland Department of Natural Resources
Mostafa IzadiMaryland Department of General Services