Maryland Commission on Climate Change: Steering Committee

Michael Powell, GHG Mitigation Working Group Co-ChairBusiness Community
Ben Grumbles, Commission Chair, SecretaryMaryland Department of the Environment
Stuart Clarke, Commission Co-ChairTown Creek Foundation
Anne Lindner, Commission Co-ChairExelon
Mike Tidwell, GHG Mitigation Working Group Co-ChairChesapeake Climate Action Network
Mark Belton, Adaptation and Response Working Group Chair, SecretaryMaryland Department of Natural Resources
Don Boesch, Scientific and Technical Working Group Chair, PresidentUniversity of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
Lori Arguelles, Liaison for ECO Working GroupAlice Ferguson Foundation
C. Richard D'AmatoRetired Attorney
Nancy KoppMaryland State Treasurer
Joe Bartenfelder, SecretaryMaryland Department of Agriculture
Pete Rahn, SecretaryMaryland Department of Transportation
Mary Beth Tung, DirectorMaryland Energy Administration