Volunteer Enforcement Corps (VEC)

The Maryland Department of the Environment’s (MDE) Volunteer Enforcement Corps (VEC) was developed after two years of training from the Governor’s AmeriCorps program.  MDE has incorporated a volunteer base to help in daily tasks in order to better serve the citizens of Maryland.  The volunteers also receive a vast knowledge by working along side MDE environmental professionals in reaching the Department’s mission and goals.

The volunteers have been tasked with assisting in monitoring the amount of nonpoint source pollution entering MD Waterway and the Chesapeake Bay.  The volunteers have also been instrumental in assisting to develop and maintain an electronic tracking system for Title V applications.

As part of the development of the Volunteer Enforcement Corps, MDE is conducting outreach to the Baltimore City Public School system and to local universities.  In reaching out to the Baltimore City Public School system, MDE hopes to build a mutually beneficial relationship where students benefit from the tasks they perform for MDE as part of their service-learning requirements for graduation .  Partnerships with local universities to develop their community service and volunteerism programs have a similar goal of developing a relationship that meets both the students’ needs for quality service opportunities that support their educational goals.

To help change the way your government works for you and to help improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay, or for more information, please contact Nadine Jackson-Bey at 410-537-3086 or Nadine.Hailey@maryland.gov.

Note:  As of April 2014, VEC has been replaced by the MDE Volunteer Corps and Internship Program.

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