Adopted Air & Radiation Regulations

List of Final Effective Actions

The Secretary of the Department can adopt a regulation upon expiration of the 45th day after it is proposed in the Maryland Register.

After a regulation is adopted, a Notice of Final Action is published in the Maryland Register.  If any nonsubstantive changes are made to a regulation from the originally proposed text, the Notice of Final Action shows the changes with an explanation for the changes.  The Final Action also specifies the date on which the adopted regulations will go into effect.  

Click here to see a full list of Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) Title 26 - Department of Environment. The following list reflects the actions within the past two years. Historical records are available upon request.

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Last edited 1/4/2018

Regulation Title
Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR) Repeal
The purpose of this action is to repeal the chapter COMAR 26.11.28 Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR) program, including all Regulations .01 — .08. The additional amendments remove references to the CAIR program in other chapters of COMAR.
COMAR26.11.28, 26.11.01, 26.11.14
Effective Date5/9/2016

Regulation Title
Establish new VOC content limits and standards for architectural and industrial maintenance coatings.
Effective Date4/25/2016

Regulation TitleOTC Consumer Products (CP)
PurposeEstablish new VOC content limits for consumer products.
Effective Date10/9/2017

Regulation Title
Opacity - TM Removal
The purpose of this action is to update COMAR  to remove the reference  to discontinued Technical Memorandum (TM) 90-01 "Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM) Policies and Procedures".
Effective Date6/1/2016

Regulation Title
Permit to Construct Fee Reduction
The purpose of this action is to reduce the permit to construct application fee for charbroilers and pit barbecues, and small fuel burning equipment with a rated heat input capacity of less than 10 million Btu per hour (10 MMBtu/hr).
Effective Date8/29/2016

Regulation Title
State Radiation Control Fund
The purpose of this regulation is to adopt into regulation a revision to § 8-301 of the Environment Article to include fee exemption for temporary pro bono dental clinics; and to reduce the annual fee for general radioactive material licenses, veterinary dental radiation machines, and portable lead paint analyzers.
Effective Date8/29/2016

Regulation Title
Regulations for the Control of Ionizing Radiation - Supplement 28
The purpose of this action is to update COMAR, Incorporation by Reference, to include (a) five mandatory U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulations which include clarifications to radioactive material physical protection reporting requirements, requirements for shipments of category 1 quantities of radioactive material, harmonization of transportation safety requirements with International Atomic Energy Agency requirements, and miscellaneous corrections; and (b) make other clarifications and corrections.
Effective Date11/24/2016

Regulation Title
Low Emission Vehicle Program
The purpose of this action is to update incorporate by reference Regulation .02 to reflect the changes made by California since the last Maryland update in 2015.
Effective Date5/8/2017

Regulation Title
Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program (VEIP) - Joint Promulgation with MDOT/MVA
To modernize and enhance VEIP to improve motorist convenience while minimizing the impact on air quality
COMAR26.11.22, 11.14.08
Effective Date1/1/2018

Number of Adopted Air Regulations : 9