Prioritizing Sites for Wetland Restoration, Mitigation, and Preservation in Maryland

GIS Analysis

In the GIS portion of the project, we created four ranking layers for each county: two for wetland restoration (wetland restoration for water quality, wetland restoration for biodiversity) and two for wetland preservation (wetland preservation on private land, wetland preservation on protected land). F or each ranking layer, we considered several variables, as described in the GIS methods.  These variables were weighted based on perceived importance. 

The May 2006 maps are available for download below.  Some of these layers were updated in early 2008 using revised NRCS soils data.  The resulting revised maps are also available below. 

These maps were created at a landscape level, to find areas that may provide good wetland restoration or preservation to benefit the watershed.  Since the prioritization locations have not been field verified, anyone interested in using these sites still needs to do field verification to determine if the site is acceptable.  To obtain the wetland prioritization GIS layers, contact

County maps: