Water Management Strategy Areas, as of July 2014

Areas experiencing excessive drawdown and/or salt water intrusion are delineated as Water Management Strategy Areas, and are given special consideration when issuing permits.  Management options for these areas include limiting withdrawals in the aquifer, directing withdrawals to a different aquifer, or requiring additional scrutiny and/or water level monitoring when permits are requested for these areas.  Water Management Strategy areas in the State are identified in the table below, and include the Aquia aquifer in the Annapolis Neck area of Anne Arundel County, the Upper and Lower Patapsco aquifers in the Indian Head areas of Charles County, and the Columbia aquifer beneath the Ocean Pines area in Worcester County. 

 Area County Target Aquifer Issue
1. Annapolis Neck Anne Arundel Aquia Saltwater Intrusion
2. Indian Head Charles and Prince Georges Lower & Upper Patapsco Excessive Drawdown & Saltwater Intrusion
3. Waldorf Charles Magothy Excessive Drawdown 
4. Kent Island Queen Anne  Aquia Saltwater Intrusion
5. St. Martin's River/Ocean Pines Worcester Columbia Saltwater Intrusion

Water Management Strategy Area
For more information, please contact the Water Supply Program at WATER.SUPPLY@maryland.gov or 410-537-3702